Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy Teacher's day!

We walked into school Monday with one student greeting us with "Happy Teacher's day". Wait, what did she say? Another boy ran towards us and offered us lollipops while another kid handed us a red pen each. This looks exciting, we thought! Little did we know this was only the start of the celebrations.
During our first period (class 3), we were greeted by a lovely message on the board. We struggled for a few minutes deciding if we should wipe the board or not but it had to be done. During break, members of class five came rushing in with chocolate cake and coke for the teachers and members of class 3 had Khada scarves for the principals and a letter of apology for when they have been bad. Before lunch, we had class two where the children overloaded us with handmade cards and origami flowers. There were a few cheeky students who had written cards for another teacher but crossed their names out and written ours! Some of the classes decorated their door with a message for the teachers and with balloons.

Class five wouldn't let us enter, they were still preparing after lunch. When they let us pass, the class shouted 'Happy Teacher's day' and showed us their board with a lovely message and a drawing of me and Harriet. Yes, we spent the first five minutes taking photos and again, we had difficulty deciding if we had to rub the board off. Some children gave us sweets (and mints) along with cards and red pens again (these kids love having their mark worked with red pen).
We ended the school day by teaching class four. They didn't have as much time as class 3 and 5 to prepare a board for us (but they did try) and we were greeted with more lovely messages along with a photo of Katrina Kaif and a recipe on roast chicken (???). The children also put their money together to buy boxes of laddu and jalelbi to give all the teachers. I was overwhelmed with all the food that I didn't know what to do with them. Harriet, being the more professional one, put hers on a card whereas I enjoyed eating the jalebi as I taught so my lesson went something along the lines of:

"Put your hands up if you know who *bites jalebi* William Shakespeare is *bites jalebi*?"

"He wrote mainly two kinds of *bites jalebi* plays: comedies *bites jalebi* and tragedies *bites jalebi*."

"Shakespeare wrote *bites jalebi* Romeo and Juliet, *bites jalebi* Hamlet and *bites jalebi* Macbeth."

So now at home, we have bags full of red pens and a bed with a mountain full of messages, letters and cards from the children. I think Teacher's Day is one of my favourite moments in Nepal (:

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