Sunday, 15 September 2013


I turned 22 on the last day of my travels. It should have been a sad day but I had a permanent grin on my face. The fact that I was going to be flying away the next day didn't touch my thoughts. For the last two months I'd been on non stop adventure and I was ending it on a bang. I've anticipating this trip for a whole year, planning it whenever I could before the exams hit and it turned out more than what I hoped for. I was incredibly happy.
The start of the day was the best part! One thing that I learnt about myself this summer is that I love animals. It started with when I first came across the cheeky macaques in Nepal but it peaked the moment I saw the semi wild orangutans. I loved watching out for Proboscis monkeys in Borneo and when I heard I could have breakfast "in the jungle" with Orangutans at Singapore Zoo. We booked it for my birthday assuming that it sells out quickly (it didn't), which meant we reserved the best seat next to the orangutans. I didn't move my eyes away from them, in fact, I didn't have breakfast (which was excellent, by the way) until they had to leave. I love orangutans! I had to make sure we came back for their feeding time...
I actually heard a lot of raves about Singapore Zoo but I never prioritized it prior to the trip. Now, I've joined that crowd and if you're going to Singapore, DO NOT GIVE IT A MISS! Imagine running to through the Zoo because you're late for your breakfast with the man of the wild, but hey, something swings across your path. Wait, is that a... Gibbon? Yes people, that's how open singapore zoo is! Orangutans playing freely in a treehouse, flying foxes dodging your head and elephants walking on the same path as you as they go to their show. Don't worry, the zoo is planned in such a way so that the potentially dangerous animals cannot leap out at you. It's the best compromise between an animal's well being and your enjoyment.
We made sure to see every part, sit in a few shows and take advantage of the La Sadina (lomo camera) that we hired. I advise people to make as much as the morning or evening as possible. It gets pretty hot during the afternoon and some of the animals take this as a chance to have a snooze (we ended up not seeing the Kangaroos in action). I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to sit and watch the Orangutans play. Alas, we had to back to give back the camera!
You cannot leave Singapore without being taken in awe by its beautiful skyline. Next on the itinerary, after a hearty Italian meal, was the Singapore iFlyer.
Walking along the Helix bridge, you get an amazing view of the city along the river. It's so bright, so perfect, I didn't want to leave. We decided to have a little peek at the Mariana Hotels, but it turned out to be Ladies' Night at their bar, Ku De Ta. What a way to end the night than to dance away to "What Makes You Beautiful" in your last night in Singapore.. (:

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