Saturday, 19 July 2014

Prague, the sightseeing continues: Day two

The plan was to wake up at 7:15 am to see the magnificent Charles Bridge at Dawn (you see why we wanted to go this early later). Now how likely was it that we'll be able to get up and ready that early? Breakfast wasn't being served yet and it was still dark outside... more reasons to stay in...! We made a compromise and made sure we left by 8am no matter how hard it was to get out of bed.
The Old Town Square Christmas tree, just a little less blinding
The Old Town Square Christmas tree, just a little less blinding
The snow has settled from the night before: too little for it not make the scene pretty but too much for it to make the streets slippery and annoying. It doesn't help that the streets are cobbled and it was so early that that they just started laying grit. Luckily my new boots managed to pass the grip test and I didn't slip once (Nuz 1: Snow 0).
First view of Charles' Bridge. Doesn't it look inviting?
As a person who can't stand snow or the cold, I was lucky that we lived in such a convenient location. I can roll out of bed and into Old Town Square and I'm only 10 minute walk away from Charles Bridge and the Jewish neighbourhood. I'd definitely recommend Central Hotel for anyone considering going to Prague.
Now why did the guide book suggest we see the Bridge at Dawn? Because a couple of hours after, it becomes this:
Most blogs tell you to avoid this bridge during the day. Yes, it's too crowded to take pretty photos but its not busy that you can't cross the bridge as it would normally take you without the tourists, though this might vary during the year.

Our next stop was the Prague Castle, though not without a detour by the Gingerbread museum (which is really a shop...)!
Another tip for visiting Prague is that if you are a student, bring your student ID with you! You don't need an international student ID to get the student discounts and literally all the attractions we visited were happy with it.

I just found out Prague Castle is apparently the biggest (coherent) castle in the world and hence a UNESCO heritage site. Though it was founded in approximately 880 by a Prince, it's evolved continuously under different rulers which you could tell from the diverse range of architecture. 
There are so many buildings to see, we could have spent half a day there... or at least to see the Change of Guard. Sadly, I just don't like staying indoors to long when I'm travelling and off we went again.
We went back to Old Town Square via Wenceslas Square, which had its market in full swing. Two parallel lines of food stall lined the path, trying to entice all the passer-bys. I'll admit, I was starving at this point and the point looked tempting, BUT every dish had some sort of pork added to it. My stomach did grumble in defeat. 

Luckily Old Town Square has other meaty alternatives! Actually... just one, chicken shish kebabs. Damnit Prague, you need some more street food options!

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