Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello world!

I'll keep the title Wordpress originally gave this post because it's a little cliched but it nicely introduces any first post. I've created this blog both for myself and for others. I've put a lot of thought and planning for my summer this year and I want to keep a record of everything that happens and how it all turned out. I like keeping little diaries and planners and looking back at the things I've done: it makes me feel accomplished but also motivates me to do more. Moreover, I hope this blog will help others keep track of what I'm up to. I like telling stories of what happened in my life but I'm no talented story teller. In fact, the quality goes down each time (decays with time) I tell them because I grow impatient and so I just want to skip to the good parts. I'm hoping that keeping them in a written form helps keep the excitement, the tragedy, the happiness or the anger I feel originally and let my friends empathise. Or simply put... everyone gets the same story.

So it's not til another month til I arrive in Nepal, what do I do now? I want to get myself into a proper habit of blogging. I've never been able to stay committed longer than a month for such things. Even when I had my domain, my interest died away over half a year (probably the longest commitment I made to a diary) but back then I didn't have a real purpose to write several times a week. Now I have a purpose. I want to explore Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore. I want to see what pulls other people to those countries but I want to find my own adventure there. I want to be able to read back and see how much I loved (touch wood) travelling and to keep that passion going. I want others to be inspired and to make their own adventure, be it at home or in a foreign land. If that doesn't keep me committed... I'm sure James will remind me to post (;

Much love,



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