Monday, 24 June 2013

The Books Have Arrived!

Okay... I'll be honest, they arrived like last week Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to get excited about them until now. I've mentioned on a previous post that one of my Summer To-Do list item is to get back into reading. I've asked people on facebook to give me some suggestions, checked out some reviews and ordered them on amazon. So far, everything is looking good!

2013 - 1

So what's on my summer reading list?

  1. The Empress Orchid (finished)

  2. The Glass Palace

  3. Shantaram

  4. Half of a Yellow Sun

  5. A Golden Age

  6. And the Mountains Echoed

I haven't ordered 'And the Mountains Echoed' but I've been looking forward to reading it for ages that I know I *will* read it this summer. The only problem was that it had recently come out only in hardcover, which will not help with packing, hence I've decided to wait and maybe buy it abroad. If only Amazon would let me know when the paperback would come out!

I'm planning on taking The Glass Palace and Half of a Yellow Sun with me to Nepal and get James to bring the other two/three with him (assuming I've finished Empress Orchid, which might at the rate I'm reading it now). I have to take approximately 5kg of books with me to the school in Nepal, which is the only condition they have to volunteer there, hence I might be limited in baggage space. I know this could all be solved if I get a Kindle. Initially, I was all against the Kindle and belong to 'I-like-the-smell-of-a-book-and-the-feeling-of-the-pages-between-my-fingers' but that's before I gave the kindle a chance! The more I try my friend's Kindle, the more convinced I am that it's a good alternative. I'll never give up using books but Kindle may be convenient every now and then, especially for travelling! However, my budget is a little tight right now and I've decided to stick to the short term cheaper alternatives. In fact, some of the books I bought are second hand and just as cheap as buying it on Kindle.

My dad once said 'Books. I will always happily buy you books'. It was probably said in frustration during one of our shopping trips and he was trying to find a way to get out of it. I've taken advantage of this and he's always kept to his words. Luckily, I do like reading and this is something I'll appreciate from my dad.

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