Saturday, 8 June 2013

New found freedom, Castle Mount and disappointing views


So on 6th June, I had become free of the soul draining exams of my 3rd year.
That's all I'll say about the exams. I don't want to talk they went or how much I worked for it. Just want to forget about the last two months (without loosing all the knowledge I gained, I do love my subject)!

So yes, new found freedom. No more library trips, no more feeling guilty for catching up on shows or gaining a new hobby (exam terms are especially good for finding a new interested in something) and no more minimising sleep! ... What do I do now?

In the last 24 hours, I think I spent most 3/4 of it sleeping. I have quite a few missed calls from my dad (uh oh?) and I'm really hungry. Not planning on spending anymore time then necessary sleeping. I'm not one of those people who like lie ins; I love the mornings, it's when I'm most productive. I'm allowed one day to catch up on all the sleep I've missed the whole term but now I want to fill my days doing something I couldn't during the academic year. So James and I have made a list of things to do in the next 3 weeks before I jet off. It includes learning how to ride a bike again (I will ride a bike to lectures at least once next year), reading (haven't been able to finish a book since coming into Cambridge) and movie marathons (including Star Wars).

I've already started 2-3 things in my list. James was going to teach me how to programme/code and we started that literally as soon as my exams ended. I learnt html, css and how to use Photoshop back when I was in year 5 when I started playing on neopets and I wanted to make pretty 'guilds' and then it accelerated into making a blog with quizzes and all that. I convinced my dad to buy me a domain with hosting when I was in year 6, but due to my lack of commitment, I didn't really go beyond 6 months of making something out it. Thank god it was cheap! My domain name was embarrassing, so I won't reveal it but I was quite proud of what I could do at the age of 11. I wish I could remember it all but there's no shame in relearning (:

So other than sleeping, I went up to Castle Mount yesterday to take some photos. I need to start practicing how to make the most of my SLR before I use it in the wild. I remember when I first talked up to Castle Mount. It was my 20th birthday and having a bad summer, I didn't really want to celebrate it. I was in Cambridge to pick up some equipment for the geology trip but we thought we'd go to Cafe Naz to have at least a birthday meal. Unfortunately, I forgot that restaurants have a break in the evening between dinner and lunch so it was shut for the next 20 minutes. What do we do for now? James asked if I ever went on top of Castle Mount, and to be honest, I haven't heard of it at all back then. So we went on top and you can see Cambridge town below. King's Chapel, the UL, they're all in view. It looked so calming the first time I saw it and with the evening glow, it was quite pretty. Hence why I decided to go back and capture it.

I feel really awkward easily when I'm alone. Especially when I'm trying to take photos and there's a couple very obviously trying to be all romantic. Well... there was a tourist group on the top too, so I didn't feel bad having my presence very obvious (SLRs are not quiet). I just listening to some K-Pop to make myself feel a bit less awkward. However, that wasn't the problem. The view wasn't as nice as I remembered it to be... with trees and less fortunate looking buildings blocking the prettier views of Cambridge town. There's nothing that stood out the way I wanted it and the view just looked... boring. It was disappointing but I do have this problem where I exaggerate things in my head. If something looked exciting, beautiful, unique, I like to replay the first memory to the point it seems flawless yet vulnerable to disappointment. I have to stop doing that.
However, there was a silver lining. It still gave a chance to play around with the settings of the camera and although I didn't get to enjoy taking photos of the 'big picture', I liked how the sunset looked on the grass, how the little insects were hovering above. It had that peaceful vibe I first had of Castle Mount. So all was not lost!

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